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Zombies at the Harvester

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Today we're taking a walk down memory lane and revisiting the frightfully fun Zombie Walk of 2012. One morning, a mass of zombies and humans overtook the Harvester to transform into the undead and proudly drag their decaying bodies to Bayliss Park and back.

Harvester residents organized one of the largest events ever held at the Harvester and transformed the building into a gathering place and party space for the temporarily undead. Zombies and zombie hunters met at the Harvester on the morning of the invasion, some in costume and some ready to have their makeup and hair done by makeup and hair artists on site. Zombies of all kinds filled the industrial parking garage of the Harvester, ready to make the dragging journey to Bayliss Park, several blocks north of the Harvester and the center of downtown Council Bluffs.

Zombies, zombie hunters and humans descended upon Bayliss Park for an epic battle with thousands of nerf shots being fired. Everyone stayed in character and created a snarling, undead massacre.

A hearse, the defeated and the victorious formed a mass again to lurch their way back to the Harvester for a night of celebratory undead fun. Dr. Sanguinary joined the party and brought on the night with the zombie gang. As the moon rose, a zombie party rang out of the Harvester.

Former Harvester resident artists, Poncho and the Contraband, rocked the undead until late hours of the night. A frightfully fantastic cover of Harvey Danger's "Flagpole Sitta" will ring in those zombie ears forever. Zombies were invited to partake in food, drink and costume contests while partying their faces off, probably literally.

The Zombie Walk of 2012 will likely forever go down as the single largest amount of people in zombie costumes in the Harvester.

Photography by Ryan Globe.

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