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Our New Normal

Notices, closures, sanitizing, social distancing - its our New Normal. At first such a shock, then worry, and now we are just hopeful and praying for the world to heal.

With this crazy new normal, we struggle to find the silver lining, but it's there. Some of us have lost jobs, but now are getting more time home with the family. We have dusted off the bikes, and enjoyed the fresh air. We are creating however we can to keep our minds positive and hopeful. We know this too shall pass and we are committed to being there for each other during this difficult time.

We have collected some images of what we are up to lately since most of us are home full time right now. We are getting the garden cleaned out and ready to plant. Some of us are hiking around the bluffs. Riding bikes and taking walks. Creating art and food! Naps don't hurt either. We have some artists who are also doing a lot of online live shows to help you cope during this time, some are even raising money for local service industry workers who have lost their jobs.

Enjoy the images of our New Normal here at Harvester and below the images check out links to our artists whom are in need of assistance if you can help in any way. Be safe and hope to see you all soon!

Donate to Help an Artist or Support Their Small Business:

Hector Anchondo Band - Hector and his beautiful family live here at Harvester Artist Lofts and since COVID-19 has cancelled every social gathering, Hector is not working. A father of 2 young children and husband who provides for his family now has to find an alternative. He has been offering online lessons and going "live" on his Facebook playing music for everyone to hear. You can support Hector by making a donation HERE.

Ken Hill with Omaha Circus Arts - Ken reported he has lost all of his gigs so he is doing more of his online teachings he was doing before for Flow Tricks. Ken founded Omaha Circus Arts and is now delving into projection mapping. He is combining the two to teach technique, and you can find him live on his Instagram account. Ken has been teaching and offering online classes through his site on Patreon. Show him support if you can since he and his artists have been impacted by the current social distancing in place.

Check out Dan with Sack of Lions as he has been giving back to the community! Dan has been staying busy and posting live Facebook shows and asking for donations that are going back into the community to those affected by COVID-19 layoffs. We want to thank Dan for being so thoughtful during this time, this is what it's all about! #GivingBack

Oracle Art Supply - Oracle is our newest commercial neighbor located at 1010 S. Main St which is connected to our residential building and as a small business they are also getting hit hard by not being an essential business. They are set up online shopping where you can pay and swing by the store and have your items given to you curb side. Who doesn't need art supplies??! Instead of buying art supplies online or at some huge chain store - consider supporting a local business instead.

Donate to Harvester Artists - Harvester's artists work throughout the year to put together art shows and events where we can invite artists in to showcase their work or our own. Our residents volunteer their time, but events cost money and we appreciate any donation you can make to help us continue our goal in the community - celebrating art and offering the gallery to artists to use for FREE! This year our goal is to raise money for a gallery hanging system that will eliminate costs to repair gallery walls throughout the year thus not charging any maintenance fees to any artists interested in having a show in our gallery. Consider donating to our building to help us reach those goals. Donations also go towards advertising for all shows, assisting resident artists with print materials and marketing, community events like our annual Holiday Boutique and MORE!

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