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  • Harvester Artist Lofts

Artspace <3

The Harvester Artist Lofts have become what they are today because of a unique organization helping to fill communities with artists across the nation. Artspace, a non-profit based out of Minnesota, saw the potential of the historical International Harvester building and the artists in the community. Now a central hub for the arts in Council Bluffs, artists and their families can live and create in these beautiful spaces and invite the community to join them for events, gallery showings and more.

Artspace is a nonprofit arts organization specializing in creating, owning, and operating affordable spaces for artists and creative businesses. These spaces include live/work apartments for artists and their families, working artist studios, arts centers, commercial space for arts-friendly businesses, and other projects.

Check out for more information on this awesome organization and to see their other locations around the country!

Photo by Ryan Globe

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